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The re-design of the EEV Company’s website is a project which is successfully completed within 15 days. The idea of this project was to present the company’s services in the most professional way possible in order to generate trust and revenue. EEV is a company that has been working in the construction and home maintenance field for several years, which has realised that an online presence matters regardless of what field they work in



Eugen ****


April 6, 2020


Web Design & Development. (re-design)

animated shape

Brand redesign

While working with EEV, we formed a great trust, and all deadlines were always met by both parties. Our collaboration with EEV has not stopped since we first started, and the project is still running up to date. We want to use this presentation to thank everyone at EEV for their trust and collaboration, and we invite you to check out their website: or follow them through their Facebook at EEVCOMPANY. We are more than happy and proud to have customers who are satisfied with our service and whose needs we can take care of even after long periods of time.

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